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Find The Perfect Mate – 10 Suggestions

In consideration of the fact that it is a purely exploratory research, and inspired by the principles of “theoretical sampling” recommended for qualitative research (Eisenhardt, 1989; Glaser and Strauss, 1967), it was decided to focus the analysis on three cases that seem to maximize these differences: Meetic, Lovepedia and OkCupid airg fun.

Meetic ( is a company founded in France in 2001, present in Italy since 2005 and with offices in all other European countries. It offers one of the most popular online dating platforms for the general public, thanks also to several high-impact advertising campaigns conducted in recent years. It has a rather traditional image, starting with the logo that resembles a heart, it is officially aimed at single people who want to meet new people. The site is very well-finished even in its mobile version, with a rich offer of editorial content and advice on how to best build your profile. Overall, it represents a point of reference and probably one of the most popular platforms (note that, in the absence of recognized independent access certification authorities, the statements of a site about the number of subscribers are largely unreliable due to the extreme variability in seriousness of the surveys, which often also take into account fictitious users, no longer active, etc.).

1. Make a friend- The Greatest Relationships Start on a friendship level, Some people are afraid of getting stuck in the friend zone, sometimes it can happen. But all successful relationships are founded with friendship.

2. Find someone who is compatible- Compatibility makes all the difference. You don’t want to find someone who is just like You but having somethings in common can help You find the perfect match.

3. Do Not Compromise!- Chances are You Know what You’re looking for in a relationship. Compromise is about the same as settling. If you are not 100% into the person You are with now. YOU WILL NEVER BE. It may be vain to not give someone the benefit of the doubt but Your happyness is on the line. You deserve the best an having confidence in your self will attract the perfect mate.

4. Know who you are- Before you even consider searching for the love of Your life You need to know who You are, what You bring to a relationship, and all of your wants and needs. Many people jump from relationship to relationship without truely knowing what they want or who they are. Take time to address this issue for a successful relationship.

5. Don’t try to change people- You like them but just wish they didn’t do that one thing that drives You crazy. Guess what? They will never change! Women often make this mistake in thinking they can train a potential mate. The fact is old habits die hard. You can’t change anyone who isn’t wanting to make the change theirself.

6. Share a Spitual or Relighious Views- Mixing religions rarely works. Find someone who shares your religious beliefs or lack thereof.

7. Opposites Really Do Attract- But You should avoid it all costs. Yes it may be steamy at first but in the long run it almost never works out. Well unless You are dirt poor and meet a billionaire then that changes the game. JUST KIDDING!

8. Make a List- Decide what You are looking and what traits You value most. If they don’t match the list of what you want, KICK THEM TO THE CURB!

9. Lets talk about sex – IT NEEDS THE BEST YOU HAVE EVER HAD!

10. Wait – Finding the perfect person can take time. You can’t expect to meet the perfect mate over night it can take years. The longer You wait the better chance You have of finding the right person. REMEMBER NEVER SETTLE.

Hope these tips help. More to Come!